Change, my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon.

Protect Jodie Whittaker at all costs.

Doctor Who is at its best when it makes big bold changes and this is huge.

I already adore her, and I am cheering for her and new showrunner Chris Chibnall to really knock it out of the park with an amazing Series 11 of Doctor Who. Like any other Doctor that has come before her, I will defend her so hard. Like any Doctor before at first its going to be so weird to see her occupy the TARDIS, not because she is a woman but because she’s the new Doctor. In my experience there has always been a bit of uncertainty when a new Doctor shows up, actually apart from David Tennant I was sold on him immediately (11 is my favourite and I wasn’t sold on him straight away!). I’m all for embracing the change though. There will be higher expectations now, the show will be scrutinized even more with a woman in the lead but I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

I’ll admit four years ago I wasn’t ready for a female Doctor, and this time around I was actually hoping for a male actor to take on the role, someone like Sacha Dhawan would have been perfect (and I hope he gets his chance a few years down the line). I just didn’t think it was possible that the Doctor could be a woman. But a day or two before yesterdays big announcement I started imagining the idea of an actress taking on the role, someone like Hayley Atwell, I was excited by the idea and the fact they have gone ahead and done it is actually incredible. I was so sure they were going to play it safe and now I am glad I was wrong. The new Doctor Who is going to inspire so many young girls and boys around the world it is going to be wonderful!

I’m kind of surprised I didn’t think of Jodie Whittaker at first, I do remember seeing her on potential lists on news sites. But it actually makes sense that it is her, Chris Chibnall worked with Whittaker on Broadchurch for 3 seasons, they must have a great working relationship together like I imagine David Tennant and Russell T Davis did on Casanova and then latter on Who. Taking on a show as big as this you got to have people around you that you know and work well with.

A female Doctor has been on the cards since Missy was introduced in 2014, and Missy was brilliant! There is no reason why 13 won’t be either. We got hints of her arrival throughout the latest series too.

The only constant of Doctor Who is how it keeps changing and evolving, there is no original format to the show it is constantly moving forward bringing in new creatives and that’s one of the many reasons the show is so exciting to watch. This is only the second time I’ve gone through the announcement of a new Doctor, I got in to the show late 2011. I remember when Capaldi was announced I adored him instantly, and the exact same thing happened when Whittaker was announced, she’s a terrific actress and I have no doubt she will make a fine Doctor.

We all change when you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you use to be – Eleven


Happy Birthday Harry

I know its not actually his birthday, but its been 20 years since his world came in to our lives.

I owe the Potter universe and JK Rowling so much, who knows if I would be such an avid reader if I did not pick up those books when I was 11.

The characters in these books were my superheroes growing up.

The way I got in to this world was maybe quite different to others. I had been gifted the books by a number of people, but I didn’t read them, maybe I tried but I would get easily distracted when reading (I still do) so I never got far with the books. But then November 2001 we went on a school trip to see the Philosophers Stone and my world changed, I walked out of cinema thinking oh. my. god. why haven’t I read these books yet? When I got home, I went straight to my room and picked up the Chamber of Secrets and that was that, I was hooked. It took me a month to finish book 2, but then I binged the rest, Prisoner of Azkaban, Goblet of Fire and back to the Philosophers Stone all in a month and for an 11 year who barely read up until that point it a huge deal.

Then the long wait. It would be another 18 months till I could read another Harry Potter book. Harry Potter was my first fandom, I was up in all those forums, constantly checking all the latest news, the first fan fiction I read (which was completely PG) was Harry Potter related. The first time someone spoiled a plot development of book, tv show or movie was with Harry Potter (It was Sirius dying btw, I was so mad). Harry Potter was my gateway fandom, one minute I am reading the books then before I know it I am holding a sonic screwdriver on one hand a light sabre on the other, while waiting for the Avengers to come help defeat us from evil in this world. If it weren’t for my fandoms, I honestly don’t think I’d be the person I am today and it all started with this series.

So thank you to Harry Potter, I can’t imagine a world without it in my life, I would not be the person I am today. A few of the books are now in tatters, but I will treasure them forever.

Happy Monday

This song, this movie, and its soundtrack has been an instant mood booster to my Monday. I don’t think I had ever heard Glen Campbell’s Southern Nights until Saturday but its been on repeat since, also Mr Blue Sky! (But I knew that one). Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was nothing but joy for me, I still can’t wipe the smile of my face. So much colour, joy, humor and heart in a movie that also has its fair share of explosions. I saw the first Guardians movie three times in the cinema, so the likelihood of me making a return visit to see Vol. 2 is very high.