Change, my dear. And it seems not a moment too soon.

Protect Jodie Whittaker at all costs.

Doctor Who is at its best when it makes big bold changes and this is huge.

I already adore her, and I am cheering for her and new showrunner Chris Chibnall to really knock it out of the park with an amazing Series 11 of Doctor Who. Like any other Doctor that has come before her, I will defend her so hard. Like any Doctor before at first its going to be so weird to see her occupy the TARDIS, not because she is a woman but because she’s the new Doctor. In my experience there has always been a bit of uncertainty when a new Doctor shows up, actually apart from David Tennant I was sold on him immediately (11 is my favourite and I wasn’t sold on him straight away!). I’m all for embracing the change though. There will be higher expectations now, the show will be scrutinized even more with a woman in the lead but I can’t wait to see what they do with it.

I’ll admit four years ago I wasn’t ready for a female Doctor, and this time around I was actually hoping for a male actor to take on the role, someone like Sacha Dhawan would have been perfect (and I hope he gets his chance a few years down the line). I just didn’t think it was possible that the Doctor could be a woman. But a day or two before yesterdays big announcement I started imagining the idea of an actress taking on the role, someone like Hayley Atwell, I was excited by the idea and the fact they have gone ahead and done it is actually incredible. I was so sure they were going to play it safe and now I am glad I was wrong. The new Doctor Who is going to inspire so many young girls and boys around the world it is going to be wonderful!

I’m kind of surprised I didn’t think of Jodie Whittaker at first, I do remember seeing her on potential lists on news sites. But it actually makes sense that it is her, Chris Chibnall worked with Whittaker on Broadchurch for 3 seasons, they must have a great working relationship together like I imagine David Tennant and Russell T Davis did on Casanova and then latter on Who. Taking on a show as big as this you got to have people around you that you know and work well with.

A female Doctor has been on the cards since Missy was introduced in 2014, and Missy was brilliant! There is no reason why 13 won’t be either. We got hints of her arrival throughout the latest series too.

The only constant of Doctor Who is how it keeps changing and evolving, there is no original format to the show it is constantly moving forward bringing in new creatives and that’s one of the many reasons the show is so exciting to watch. This is only the second time I’ve gone through the announcement of a new Doctor, I got in to the show late 2011. I remember when Capaldi was announced I adored him instantly, and the exact same thing happened when Whittaker was announced, she’s a terrific actress and I have no doubt she will make a fine Doctor.

We all change when you think about it, we’re all different people all through our lives, and that’s okay, that’s good, you gotta keep moving, so long as you remember all the people that you use to be – Eleven


Mid year report card

Okay half year mark of 2017, where did the last 6 months go? I say it every year but the last 6 months have flown by especially quick. I also say that every year.

I remain cautiously optimistic although while still feeling incredibly frustrated with myself and my inability to find work. I don’t want to moan though, today feels like a good opportunity to reflect on the last 6 months, on the cool things that have happened and what I have learned along the way.


It was wedding season in Wellington, I was in a wedding party which took up my January. It was a fantastic time, I kept busy and got to hang out with my friends. I don’t want to sound overly confident or anything but I reckon I can throw an excellent bridal shower.

I make good cake.


I finished up at my job of the last four years and officially booked my ticket to Melbourne. It was a month of ‘see you laters,’ it was emotional af. The anxiety of moving countries would come and go, one minute I would feel absolutely fine and then without warning I would feel overcome with nerves and would joke about taking my dog to Australia with me.

This is Millie, my dog.


I did it, I left Wellington. Part of me wasn’t sure I’d go through with it as I have been known in the past to say I was going to do things but then it would never happen. The first month I just explored, hung out at NGV, got use to the trains and buses and got myself acquainted with Melbourne. I saw The Book of Mormon which was the coolest thing I have seen on stage, period.


Not my month, although it really should be my month, after all I was born in April. I was dreading it though, first birthday away from friends and family. Nothing particularly noteworthy happened, I went to my first networking event which was good, but I would urge anyone new to networking to not wait two months to get in touch with the people you meet. Follow up asap!


My first interview! For a job I did not want…

I was relieved I didn’t get it, although proud of myself for getting through a group interview for the first time and putting myself within shot of being considered. Any interview practice is good.

I was also social for the first time in months with people my own age, I needed that. I set up a Instagram food account with friends, and I started this blog!


I networked more, I went to a party after a very long time, I talked about that here. I had another interview with a recruitment agent and it went really well, it was the most relaxed I have felt in such an environment ever.

And finally to cap of my June just yesterday I did my first temp job! My recruiter literally woke me up and sent me to cover reception for an organisation. I was flustered and did not know what was happening for the first hour, but I got it done and that’s a tad more experience now under my belt!

That’s it. First 6 months gone just like that. If I could grade myself I would probably give myself a C+. I’ve done okay, so much more to do though. I will give myself a higher grade in December.

Time to get to work.





Happy Monday

Green Light came out about 3 days before I left NZ to move to Melbourne and I had this song on repeat on the plane ride over. I had it on repeat as I was too tired and too emotional to change the playlist, I felt like I was in some cliche movie montage of a female 20 something about to make a massive change in her life, which I was. Anyway Melodrama is an excellent album, I’m sure you’re already listening.

Shameless Plug

Two of my friends and I have set up a food Instagram, we are called Kiwi Food Trotters. Kiwi Food Trotters as we are three Kiwi’s based in three different cities, Toronto, Wellington and Melbourne. We’re  going to be searching for the yummiest bites to eat in our cities and where ever else we may be on our travels.

If this sounds like something you may be interested in, check out @kiwifoodtrotters on Instagram.

The Art of Combating Loneliness

The last three months have been the loneliest, strangest yet also most exciting time of my life I guess. Lonely as I am yet to make new friends in this new city, strange because it is a new city and exciting because its a new city. You hear all these amazing stories of people moving overseas for the first time getting their job within a week, finding the perfect flat and friends almost immediately. None of that has happened to me yet, most of which is due to my own doing, I am an introvert, I have anxiety, I am a serial procrastinator, these three combined is not a good mix.

I’m doing things for sure, but the last three months is probably the longest I have spent on my own. Last week I made a solo theater trip to My Fair Lady, it was great, I’ve seen two other shows by myself too (Matilda and The Book of Mormon). The more and more things I see by myself the more I think that it might be nice to share this experience with someone. Though I think of myself as introvert and love my alone time, I am starting to worry that I am spending too much time on my own.

Last week I  had some friends visit from Wellington and I forgot how nice it was to socialise with people again. Hearing from my friends I realized that I need to stop putting things off, I have to stop waiting for  things to come my way I must go out and get them, even though going out and getting it makes me incredibly anxious. Not that I didn’t know any of this before, but it is time to actually make an effort.

People move at their own pace I think all I need to do is pick up that pace. I’ve done a few things in the last week to start changing that, I signed up to a networking event that will be happening in two weeks. I’ve also arranged to meet two contacts next week for coffee to discuss career options. I’ve been attending Toastmasters here, which is a public speaking group, and I gave a speech after only attending the club for a month. I’m going to make myself attend some meet up events (I’ve been saying that for the last three months *insert laughing emoji*) and I have downloaded some apps! Bumble, Hey! VINA, Huggle and even Tinder. Hey! VINA is for women to make friends with other women and I am using it right now, honestly it feels strange to swipe left or right on potential friends but let’s see how that goes. I’m usually very shy at first but once you get to know me, good luck trying to keep me quiet.

So the art of combating loneliness? Be proactive. Just keep doing things, move at your own pace but keep doing things. I’m attempting to go for one new thing a week. One of my friends always tells me you just have to do what you love and the right people will come your way. Let’s see how it works out.

The Benefits of Baking

A party without a cake is just a meeting

I found that quote on pinterest when I was trying to find a caption for a photo I was posting on Instagram. I love cake, I love making it, decorating it, taking photos of it and eating it (obviously).

I once took annual leave to bake a cake for my brother’s 21st birthday, I took leave on Friday and made three cakes. On Saturday it was his friends party at home, so I went to that and had a bit to drink. On the Sunday, the day of the family party, sleep deprived and mildly hungover, I turned three cakes into one giant six layered caked. The result is pictured above.

This is the first cake I posted on Instagram in April 2012, the photo is taken on a crappy Samsung Galaxy Ace where I added way too many filters. I’ve come a long way as a baker in the past five years.

I hope to make baking a regular feature on this blog so I thought I’d start of with a look at the benefits of baking.

  1.  Baking is meditative – Its an activity which takes your whole attention and once mastered it is some what of a calming exercises. This leads to my next point.
  2. It’s good for your mental health – I find the process of baking is therapeutic and relaxing. John Whaite, a former winner of The Great British Bake Off said that baking helped him deal with his depression. When I am baking I am concentrating on creating a good product, that is my sole focus so I don’t let any other thoughts get in my way that could distract.
  3. Creativity – I was never the best at art, creative writing was intimidating, but now decorating cakes have really become my creative outlet. For inspiration I go online, in particular I follow Cupcake Jemma. I have learnt so much from her videos, she makes it so simple and I always feels inspired and excited to bake after I see her latest creations. Another one is Katherine Sabbath, her cakes are ridiculous, colourful and so creative. I find that when a cake looks challenging on picture, I no longer feel intimidated by it, I’m actually excited to create it myself. “Baking has the benefit of allowing people creative expression,” according to this HuffPost article. There is much research showing the connection between overall wellbeing and creativity.
  4. It’s a great gift idea – Not sure what to get a friend? Bake them some brownies, or some cupcakes. Who doesn’t love food as a gift? Especially a baked good where time and effort has gone in to it. I know I have always been so appreciative of people who have baked for me.
  5. It makes other people happy – One of the best things about baking is that you can give away your creations and make other people feel happy and in turn you feel happy. I’ve only ever baked out of love of doing it, people have always been so complimentary and have even suggested that I set up my own shop, I’ll keep it as a hobby for now, I have so much more to learn.

Learn how to bake, its awesome. If not baking find something that can foster creativity in you. People now and again ask me how I learned how to bake and all I say is my mother gave me her cake recipe around 2011 and that’s what I make to this day. Practice makes perfect, sometimes it will go horribly wrong (and still does), but when you get it right it is incredibly rewarding.

I write because…

“I write only because
There is a voice within me
That will not be still”
— Sylvia Plath

I write because I love it, that’s it. Do I think I am good at it? I must not be that bad, I have a couple of degrees which proves to me anyway that my writing is alright (although I did write a few atrocious essays). The only way I can get better is if I continue to write… right?

I write because I have always been shy, introverted and at times consumed with anxiety to speak my mind. The idea of raising my hand in a room is something that to this day makes my heart race from nerves, but I am working on it.

I write because I love learning about the world and I want to share that knowledge back. I remember a conversation I had with someone at university who thought it was weird that I was excited to write an essay for my international relations major. If memory serves me correctly she was an accounting major, so writing essays for the field is rather dry (I say dry from experience, I have written an accounting essay). I mean no offense to accounting enthusiasts but I digress, researching and writing about the world is something I want to continue to do.

I write because I can, so I will.