Happy Monday

Green Light came out about 3 days before I left NZ to move to Melbourne and I had this song on repeat on the plane ride over. I had it on repeat as I was too tired and too emotional to change the playlist, I felt like I was in some cliche movie montage of a female 20 something about to make a massive change in her life, which I was. Anyway Melodrama is an excellent album, I’m sure you’re already listening.


Happy Tuesday

Happy Tuesday! Start of the working week here in Australia (we just had the Queen’s birthday long weekend). Feeling rather anxious at the start of this week, but I am reminding myself to stay grateful. Here’s what I have been listening to all weekend, Dear Evan Hansen is so so so so good! Now that it has won the Tony Award I hope it will stay put on Broadway for quite sometime yet, so I can come and see it!

Happy Monday

This song, this movie, and its soundtrack has been an instant mood booster to my Monday. I don’t think I had ever heard Glen Campbell’s Southern Nights until Saturday but its been on repeat since, also Mr Blue Sky! (But I knew that one). Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 was nothing but joy for me, I still can’t wipe the smile of my face. So much colour, joy, humor and heart in a movie that also has its fair share of explosions. I saw the first Guardians movie three times in the cinema, so the likelihood of me making a return visit to see Vol. 2 is very high.